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Breaking Ground In A Big Way
Day 1 - begins with the large John Deere excavator moving the dirt and digging for a foundation. May 2, 2016
Everything Is Moved
Day 1 - Sod, sidewalks, irrigation hoses, mulch all have to be removed as the foundation hole is dug. On-Site Supervisor, Nolan Walters from Nor-son guides the excavation. May 2, 2016
A Solid Foundation
With excavations complete the forms are poured for for the concrete footings. May 3, 2016
Plumb, Level & True
Concrete block are laid on the footings and the foundation block walls go up, checking to be sure they are level and plumb. We begin to see the outline of the new addition. May 4, 2016
Good Crew, Nice Day!
The block layers are hard at it and have good weather for completing their task. Keep the blocks and concrete coming and they will be done by quitting time. May 4, 2016
Ready For Last Pour
The crew waits for the last pour to be screed and troweled finishing the slab pour. May 17, 2016
Slab Gets Poured
Concrete slab gets poured early morning and ready for finishing by early afternoon. May 17, 2016
Power Troweling
The worker in the foreground is power troweling the fresh concrete. The workers in the back ground are hand troweling, giving it the final smooth texture. May 17, 2016
Snapping A Chalk Line
If a concrete slab is going to crack, have it crack in the right place. Chalk lines are laid out to be cut later. May 17, 2016
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