Core Values ... Who we hope to become in God's grace.

Core Value One:  Bible Based Preaching and Teaching


  • We believe in Jesus Christ, receive the sacraments, receive confession and forgiveness, and are centered in prayer.

  • We are a Bible-based congregation which seeks and professes God’s truths as written.


Core Value Two:  Holy Spirit Led Ministry


  • We welcome and respect all people of all ages and diversity.

  • We practice compassion, fairness and love towards all.

  • We support one another and reach out to those with special needs.


Core Value Three:  Evangelism and Stewardship


  • We seek to reach the un-churched through community outreach.

  • We support Peace Lutheran and its programs through participation by all.

  • We believe in giving back to the community and support local and global missions.


Core Value Four:  Christian Education


  • We offer study of the bible and the Christian faith with special focus on children, youth ministry and programs. 

  • We encourage ongoing participation in Christian education by all age groups.


Core Value Five:  Living Examples


  • We seek to follow Jesus’ examples by daily, intentional living in the Holy Spirit and through our friendship and fellowship with others.

  • We encourage a positive lifestyle of peace, gratitude and responsibility towards ourselves, others, our community and our nation.

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600 Kristi Lane

Watertown, MN 55388

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P.O. Box 817

Watertown, MN 55388

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