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Don’t Forget!

All Volunteer PEP RALLY

Thursday, August 15 — 6:30-7:05 pm


...all volunteers meet at Peace Lutheran to get instructions and prayer.

Glorious Summer Greetings!


The first annual “Welcome Neighbor Corn Feed” is just around the corner.  I invite you to read through the many opportunities to serve.  Of course it wouldn’t be happening at all if it weren’t for people like you supporting this community outreach event.  “It’s Not Just About the Corn!”


We need your help...we really do!  In the coming two weeks, we will be sharing thousands of invitations both personal, in the mail and in the newspaper.  Since this is our first community corn feed, we’re not sure what to expect for attendance.  Our expectation is that God will bless those invitations and many will come for this community outreach event.


Stay Cool!   Thanks again!


Pastor David

Is it hot enough for you?

Here are some HOT! Opportunities



Can we borrow your big camping cooler/ice chest?  Bring it to the church Saturday morning,

August 17 and be sure to put your name on it!



Begin today freezing water in plastic gallon milk jugs or gallon ice cream buckets.  Bring them to church Saturday, August 17 at 10:00 am.


Do you have a canopy that we can borrow for the day?  Bring it to the

church Saturday morning, August 17 and be sure to put your name on it!


Prayers and Advertising

Around Your Block WELCOME WALK

Walk the blocks around your home and place door hanger invitations inviting your community.  Mark a map with where you’ll walk so others won’t do the same route.  Pick up your supply of door hangers for around your block.

Door hangers available Sun, Aug 4 & 11


Three Invitation CHALLENGE

Think of three people you know who don’t have a church home.  Maybe someone who’s new in your neighborhood would like to come.  Maybe someone you know who’s hurting or had a loss would like to meet others.  Most people will say yes if someone asks.  Make a special effort to invite them to the Welcome Neighbor Corn Feed.

Outreach PRAYERS

Begin praying with others for God’s guidance and blessing of our invitation to others.  Join the Corn Feed Prayer Team and assist the min praying before and throughout the team.


Put up a YARD SIGN!

We have yard signs.  Sign up to receive your very attractive yard sign and place it in your yard.  Remember to return the sign after the corn feed.

Yard signs available Sun July 21, 28 & Aug 4

Many ways to share in this outreach event...even if you’re gone that weekend!

Decorating & Set Up

Saturday / STAGE CREW

We will have  special music.  Come help with staging, decorating, sound and lighting.  For all the roadie want-to-bes!

Set Up - 10:00am Sat, Aug 17

Take Down - 11:30am Sun, Aug 18


Saturday / CORN TEAM

We will gather with others for good conversations as we clean and prepare some 500 ears of freshly picked sweet corn. 

9:00 am, on Sat, Aug. 17

Saturday / SET UP TEAM

Help hustle the tables and chairs out to the parking lot, setting up for the big event.

1:00 pm, on Sat, Aug. 17



Help blow up balloons, make a balloon arch, string pennants, hang banners and generally make the place look welcoming for our guests.

1:00 pm, on Sat, Aug. 17

Corn Feed Volunteers

Saturday / GRILL TEAM

Need smok’n people for the grills.   They will be grilling corn, filling insulated warmers and hustling the corn to the serving tents.

3:00 pm, on Sat, Aug. 17



Help provide a warm welcome and great hospitality to all our guests.  Greeting teams should meet in the commons for instructions and prayer. 

3:00 pm, on Sat, Aug. 17



Help guests sign up for the Door Prize drawing at the event.  This tool will help us evaluate the event and do follow up with our guests.

3:00 pm, on Sat, Aug. 17


We need your eye for the moment to help us capture all that is going on during the Corn Feed.  We need photography buffs and digital video aficionados. 

3:00 pm, Saturday, Aug 17


Meet new people while serving (quickly) sweet corn and hot dogs.  These smiling faces and fast hands are the heart of making this event a success.  Room for people of all ages.. 

3:00 pm, on Sat, Aug. 17



All the cooking and preparation will be outside under a tent - cooler and direct access to the serving teams.  Help prepare food, boil the hotdogs, stuff hotdog buns, fill insulated warmers, slice watermelon and meet new friends. 

3:00 pm, on Sat, Aug. 17


We make all the beverages at the Beverage Tent in the middle of the serving area.  Bring refreshing smiles to greet our thirsty guests serving ice cold lemonade! 

3:00 pm, on Sat, Aug. 17

Clean Up


When everyone is tired and beat, the clean up team comes to the rescue with fresh arms and attitude to help clean up. 

6:00 pm on Saturday, Aug. 17

Pickup truck AND Trailer team

We need people with pickup trucks with trailer hitches to pick up and return to the rental locations—trailer charcoal grills, keg tubs, tents, etc.

Pick Up—Saturday—10:00 am—August 17

Return—Monday—9:00 am—August 19