The Finance and Investment Committee consists of members in good standing from the congregation as well as the Financial Administrator and Financial Secretary.

The duty of the Finance and Investment Committee is to oversee the functions of the Financial Secretary and Financial Administrator which are as follows:

  • Keep a confidential record of all pledges of the congregation.

  • Receive all collections, individual contributions and special offerings for current expenses, missions and other purposes.

  • Count and record all contributed funds.

  • Deposit all money received in the congregation’s bank account.

  • Distribute annual statements to all contributors detailing their record of contributions. Additional statements may be prepared.

  • Disburse all funds in accordance with the decisions of this congregation or the Congregation Ministry Board.

  • Complete tasks related to payroll, payroll taxes, filing tax returns and reports.

  • Assist the Ministry Board in formulating the annual budget of the congregation.

  • The Financial Administrator shall be a signatory on the congregation’s bank accounts.

  • Schedule the annual audit with an accounting firm.

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