The Property Ministry Team consists of volunteers who offer their time and talents in service to Peace. These individuals are not elected, yet simply show an interest in wanting to assist with the care and maintenance of the building and grounds.


They oversee and identify the safe keeping, protection, maintenance, and repair of the building, grounds, and equipment.

Responsible for:

  • Maintaining the church building

  • Assuring that the facility is kept clean, sanitary, safe, and in good appearance

  • Making certain that the heating, plumbing, mechanical, and electrical systems are properly maintained and operating properly

  • Maintaining the landscaping of the property

  • Providing for emergency contracting and taking action as needed

  • Managing the purchase of supplies, striving for economy and quality

  • Parking lot maintenance, plowing, shoveling and sanding

  • Notifying the Ministry Board of any insurance claims or issues

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Street Address

600 Kristi Lane

Watertown, MN 55388

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P.O. Box 817

Watertown, MN 55388

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