Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Everyone has been asking … “When will we reopen for worship at church?” The answer is …. drum roll please … this Sunday, June 21 at 9:00 am. Ta- da!  It is Father’s Day and First Communion for our 5th going into 6th grade students. They have baked the bread for us to share, contactless, after it comes out of the 400 degree oven. The students and their families will receive Holy Communion first. It should be a wonderful Sunday. We look forward to seeing you all again! 

Come and worship!

PLC Ministry Board and Pastor David 

Here are a few of the details as we know them now. 

  • BE SAFE & SMART– If you are not feeling good or have a temperature, if you have a compromised immune system, if you have a weakened respiratory system, if you have had surgery, cancer treatments or diabetes, if you are of the ages most vulnerable, then you should worship with us LIVE on Facebook or watch our recorded worship on YouTube at your convenience.  

  • 50% CAPACITY – at 50% capacity we have 115 seats in the sanctuary available. Families who are comfortable sitting with each other should social distance from other families and individuals. Our seating is movable. We will leave the logistics of social distancing to the good common sense of each of you. 50% capacity also applies to the Fellowship Hall with another 50+ seats available around the tables. The worship will be simulcast and viewed on the large screen in the Fellowship Hall. Holy Communion will be served in both locations.


  • Wash or sanitize your hands regularly. Hand sanitation stations are available as you enter the church, sanctuary, fellowship hall and bathrooms. Bring you own sanitizer to assure availability.

  • Wear a mask if you so choose.

  • Only two people in the bathrooms at a time.

  • Finding seating for worship - move your chairs around to accommodate social distancing, keeping aisles available. Use your common sense.

  • No physical sharing the peace.

  • “Yea God!” will be shared without touching the microphone.

  • Offering will be shared online or at the doors. Thank you for your generosity!

  • Walking up for Holy Communion please stand in line 6ft apart.

  • Pastor will sanitize and wear gloves to share the bread, dropping it into your open hand. Wine trays have cups spaced apart for you to take your cup without touching other cups.

  • Leaving worship - we will be dismissed by the ushers.

  • No Peace Café – but you are welcome to bring your own coffee or other beverage.

  • Socialize on the lawn outside the church.


See you at church! 

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