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Altar flowers give glory to God, beautify the sanctuary and commemorate an important person or event in your life.  You can give flowers for many reasons - in memory of loved ones who have died, in honor of the birth of a child, or any other important event in your life. You can also give flowers in thanks to God for a blessing or simply to give glory to God.  When you give the flowers, your commemoration is shared with the congregation in the worship bulletin.

After worship, the flowers are yours to take home.  They will continue to glorify God and will beautify your home, or you may share them with family and friends.

Posted on the Connect Counter announcement board is a calendar to sign up to share flowers for the altar. If you would like your commemoration shared in the church bulletin, simply add the “in memory of” or “in honor of” information on the calendar below your name.

Questions? Contact Wendy Ely - / (763) 221-5328 

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