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David W. Hanson, Pastor

David Hanson


Mark Nissen, Director of Youth & Family

Mark Nissen

Director of Youth & Family


Grace Carlin

Assistant Director of Youth & Family

Sue Beulke, Financial Secretary

Sue Beulke

Financial Secretary

(Questions about donations or contributions should be directed to Sue)

Judy Jacobson, Financial Administrator

Judy Jacobson

Financial Administrator

(Questions about bill payments or reimbursement requests should be directed to Judy)

Sandy Fleischman, Office Administrator

Sandy Fleischman

Office Administrator

JoAnn Deveny, Accompanist

JoAnn Deveny



2024 PLC Ministry Board

Front (left to right) - Marla Erickson, Pastor David Hanson, Karen Dressel and

  Cathy Rieckenberg

Back (left to right) - Jon Peterson, Tory Schmidt, Mike Rupp, and Bill Helfritz


2024 PLC Executive Board

President - Mike Rupp

Vice President - Tory Schmidt

Secretary - Cathy Rieckenberg

What Does The Ministry Board Do?

Peace is lead by a Ministry Board that acts on behalf of the church membership. The Board consists of the Executive Board and additional three elected members and the Pastor.

The ministry and fellowship life of the congregation are directed and overseen by the Ministry Board. There are a variety of  Ministry Teams which are led and staffed by congregation members and report to the Ministry Board, which provides leadership and motivation.

The Ministry Board directs all formal and informal Executive, Ministry and Congregational meetings, as well as correspondence between Peace and LCMC. They are responsible for abiding by and complying with the written constitution and bylaws of Peace Lutheran Church. The Board meets on the fourth Tuesday of each month at 6:30 pm at the church. Members of Peace are always welcome to attend.

What does the Executive Board Do?

The Executive Board is elected and is comprised of the President, Vice President and Secretary-Treasurer. The Past President is also a member for six months after their Presidency. The Past President and the Pastor do not have voting privileges. A President is elected each year by the congregation. They act as the Personnel Committee as relates to pastoral issues and staff. They meet on the third Tuesday of each month at 6:30 pm at the church.

Why Teams Matter?

Our emphasis on building an effective team ministry at Peace is a part of our over all vision for growing this church.

"Good teams begin with good leaders."

John C. Maxwell

  • Ecclesiastes 4:9-12

  • Nehemiah 4

  • Mark 6:7

  • Acts 24

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