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Do you remember a time when a small act of kindness made a world of difference?  Perhaps it was a kind word, a shared meal, support during a crisis or a timely prayer.  A friend, an acquaintance, or even a stranger may have provided the kindness, but whatever the circumstance, it helped you keep going through a rough time of life. 

We believe that we can change the world through prayer and kindness to others.  By demonstrating Christ’s love, we provide a window to the life-altering power of a relationship with Jesus. At Peace we strive to show compassion to members of our church by supporting each other as we experience life together.

Submit prayer request by clicking on the button below. If you would like a home visit, contact Pastor David at / 612-210-3017.

Caring Through Prayer

Prayer is powerful. In tough times, prayer can “get us through.” It provides a comforting connection with God—at any time of the day or night. It gives us a direct link to God’s supernatural intervention in our lives! It is something to offer to friends, family members, and even strangers who are experiencing difficulties.  If you or someone you know have a need, please let us know so we can be in prayer or you.

Caring for the Homebound and Hospitalized

If you are unable to attend worship because of an illness, injury, or immobility, let us know.  We take special interest in encouraging the homebound and those in the hospital through visits, calls, and/or cards.

Caring for Families Facing Serious Illness

Serious illnesses are a stressful time. Extra support and prayers are needed for the entire family. If you are facing a serious illness, let us know so we can talk about ways to help you and your family.

Caring for Young Families

Being part of a young family is exciting and at times a little busy.  If you would like a little help, please let us know.

Caring through Faith Events

Life has many stages in it, from baptism to funerals and everything in-between. We pray for and support people at each of these faith events. 

Caring for the Grieving

The death or illness of a family member can be overwhelming.  If you would like a little help with meals or a visit, please let us know.

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