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In different seasons of our lives we may find ourselves struggling with difficulties and realize that we need a little help to press on.  It is our privilege to minister to members of our congregation during these times.  Life brings many changes and challenges and we seek to bring comfort, healing and hope during challenging or difficult times.  It is a great joy to share God's love with those in need. 

  • Prayer - If you or someone you know have a need the Pastor and/or congregation can pray for, please let us know. 

  • Home Visits - If you are unable to attend worship because of an illness, disease, injury, or immobility, please contact Pastor David or the church office.  We take special interest in encouraging the home-bound through visits, calls, and/or cards.

  • Hospital Visits - If you are in the hospital or scheduled to be in the hospital and would like a visit, please give us a call so we can be sure to pray for you and Pastor David can visit you.

  • Family Care - The addition of a new family member is exciting and at times a little busy.  The death or illness of a family member, however, can be overwhelming.  If you would like a little help with meals or a visit, please let us know.

If you or someone you love would welcome a visit from Pastor David, please contact us at

952-955-3434 or

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