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Packing Event

Thursday, October 19th

To a starving child, hope can only begin with a reliable source of nutritious food.

Volunteers can meet at:

  • FMSC in Chanhassen at 11:15 AM

18732 Lake Drive East, Chanhassen

Directions from Peace: 24E-92S-7E-13SE-5E-Dell Rd S-Lake Dr W (21.4 miles, 29 minutes)

  • PLC at 10:40 am to carpool. Carpoolers will depart at 10:45, pack food from 11:30-1:15, stop for a bite to eat, and be back by 3:15.

10:45 AM - Leave PLC Parking Lot

11:30 to 1:15 PM - Pack Food at FMSC

1:30 to 2:45 PM - Enjoy Lunch (each participant pays for own meal)

3:15 - Return to PLC


Please join us for this is fun and rewarding experience by signing up below.

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