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Christmas Eve & Day Worship

The Christmas hymn “Oh Come All Ye Faithful”  calls us to come and worship the Christ child.  No matter how many holiday commercials tempt our understanding, the real meaning is found on bended knee in worship of God, now with us in Jesus. Come!

Family Worship

3:00 & 5:00 PM

Christmas is a time for families to come together.  Because families come in all shapes and sizes, and not all families can be together for the holidays, we invite you to come be a part of God’s family this Christmas Eve.  Come experience the feeling of welcome and belonging that comes when the family of God gathers for worship on this very holy night.

Candlelight Worship

9:00 PM

There is something that speaks to every human heart at Christmas.  When the music lifts our spirits and the candle light is passed in the darkness, there is something that happens to our hearts.  We are reminded that God is with us now in Jesus.  We experience His light in our darkness.  God gives us the real Christmas gifts of hope, love, joy, and Peace!

Christmas Day Worship

9:00 AM

After all the festivities, awake Christmas morning. Put on your new Christmas flannel or other gifts and head off to worship in the calm and peacefulness of Christmas Day. Caribou coffee and fresh baked Monkey Bread served.

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