Lenten Mid-Week Worship

5:30 PM

March 2

Sloppy Joes

Doreen Seal &

Julie Sprenger

6:30 PM

Ash Wednesday Worship

March 9

Hardy Winter Soup

Mary Fritz-Barfnecht

Lenten Worship

Cozy in the Culture

March 16

Potato Soup

Karen Dressel

Lenten Worship

A Moment of Decision

March 23

Tortilla Soup

Sherry Essig & Jan Carlson

Lenten Worship

Heaven Set in Motion

March 30

Vegetable Beef Soup

Edie Hanson, Emily Hanson & Terri Christensen

Lenten Worship

The God of Great Turnarounds

April 6

Dinner TBD

Rieckenbergs & Langner

Lenten Worship

Remembering God's Faithfulness

Sunday Evening Lenten Bible Study

Christian Ed - You Were Made - Adult Bible Study - Box.jpg

Are you weary from your challenges, wounded by your battles, or worried your world is spinning out of control? Have the struggles pilfered the life out of your life? If so, the book of Esther brings welcome news: Relief will come!


Queen Esther concealed her Jewish identity. But then came the royal decree that would annihilate her people. She had to make some tough choices. Would she remain silent or would she speak up? Esther could have refused. She could have cowered in fear. But she spoke up. And God used her to save the nation.


Like Esther, you may be staring down a seemingly impossible situation. And what's true for Esther is true for you: deliverance will come. God will have his victory. He will rescue his people. He will right the wrongs of this world. The question is not, Will God prevail? The question is, Will you be part of the team?


You don't need to become undone by tough times, you can become unleashed by our triumphant God. You, friend, were made for this moment.

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