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Our theme for this year is “Be still and know that I am God.” Those words from Psalm 46 remind us that it is in the still, quiet moments of our lives that we truly sense the presence of God. Let’s face it, our lives are anything but still and quiet! During this season, we will walk through the meaning of the Luther Rose and pray together for the Spirit to fill us and empower us for the journey ahead. We hope that you will join us each week in worship as we travel together through the season of Lent.

Lenten Mid-Week Worship

5:30 PM

6:30 PM

February 14

Lenten Supper

Doreen Seal &

Diane Malmin

Ash Wednesday Worship

February 21



Lenten Worship

Sola Scriptura

Scripture Alone

February 28

Potato Bar

Hahns & Rieckenbergs

Lenten Worship

Sola Gratia

Grace Alone

March 6

Lenten Supper


Lenten Worship

Sola Fide

Faith Alone

March 13

Lenten Supper


Lenten Worship

Solus Christus

Christ Alone

March 20

Lenten Supper

Karen Dressel and

Mary Fritz-Barfnecht

Lenten Worship

Soli Deo Gloria

Glory to God Alone

Monday Evening Lenten Small Group

Mondays, Feb 19 - Mar 25

6:30 - 8:00 PM


This Bible study examines the five core truths that came from the Reformation, now referred to as the solas. We will explore these essential convictions of the faith and emerge more immersed in the gospel of Jesus Christ. The solas include:

Sola Scriptura (by Scripture alone)
Sola gratia (by grace alone)
Sola fide (through faith alone)
Solus Christus (through Christ alone)
Soli Deo gloria (glory to God alone)

How is the Reformation still relevant today? As political pressure mounts, morality drifts with today’s culture, and evangelicalism becomes more and more refined in a post-Christian world, it’s even more important to hold the convictions of the great Reformation closer than ever. In short, the solas point us to vibrant Christian community as well as personal identity in Christ.

As you’ll see in this study, the solas are more than cold Latin terms that academics throw around in church-history books. The five solas, like the Reformation itself, are intensely practical. They were the DNA of the Reformation and are still the DNA of the church today. They are grounded in a real-life, everyday following of Jesus. They’re the most important, basic scriptural truths you can ever believe.

We stand on the shoulders of Christians in the past, and knowing where we came from will help us keep moving forward with passion and biblical clarity.

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